What makes this a superb investment opportunity

There is no doubt that location is a vital aspect of a property.  The purchase of a luxurious hotel  suite in picturesque Cape Verde is the ideal investment property.

Built by an international property developer skilled in constructing buildings of the highest quality, and managed by a resort operator of over 50 years experience who are leaders in their field and attract 4.5 million visitors to their website per month.  All this, along with the appeal of Cape Verde itself greatly increases the probability of year round occupancy – and therefore a good rental income.

The resort is marketed by a large network of tour operators and airlines, and there are flights to Cape Verde from many international airports. Additionally, the government of Cape Verde is investing heavily in the island’s services, utilities and infrastructure.

It is worth noting that an increasing number of tourists are visiting Cape Verde.  With its stunning scenery, enviable all year round climate it is no surprise that more flights are planned for the island. There is also however, legislation in place to restrict the amount of development within the islands so investors are protected against supply being greater than demand.

This is a tried and tested investment vehicle. Another resort has been developed on Cape Verde and has become a successful  tourist destination which meets the needs of holidaymakers and generates regular income for investor clients.

It affords many of the benefits of regular buy-to-let properties such as rental income and capital growth without requiring a mortgage or even a large capital outlay.

Surrounded by natural beauty, year round warm and sunny climate and easy travel links from around the world – this is a superb overseas investment property.